Saturday, August 15, 2009

On the current Heath Care issue Mark Steyn brilliantly writes, “….In the normal course of events, the process takes a while. But Obama believes in “the fierce urgency of now”, and fierce it is. That’s where all the poor befuddled sober centrists who can’t understand why the Democrats keep passing incoherent 1,200-page bills every week are missing the point. If “health care” were about health care, the devil would be in the details. But it’s not about health or costs or coverage; it’s about getting over the river and burning the bridge. It doesn’t matter what form of governmentalized health care gets passed as long as it passes. Once it’s in place, it will be “reformed”, endlessly, but it will never be undone. Same with a lot of the other stuff: Keep throwing the spaghetti at the wall. The Republicans may pick off the odd strand but, if you keep it coming fast enough, by the end of Obama’s first year the wall will be a great writhing mass of pasta entwined like copulating anacondas in some jungle simulacrum of Hef’s grotto. And that’s a good image of how government will slither into every corner of your life: You can try and pull one of those spaghetti strings out but it’ll be all tied up with a hundred others and you’ll never untangle them.”

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Unknown said...

And all the while they are accusing anyone against the health care bill of being alarmist extremists who are being backed by big insurance companies. The poorest people don't care, but the good honest hard working people in the middle know that this is the sort of governmental take-over that there just isn't any going back from. Liberals know that once government has their grips on health care they wont ever have to let go, even if they do have to reform it a time or two.

Anonymous said...

If left alone by 2018 health care will is predicted to be abou 4.4 trillion or 17 to 20% of America's total GDP.

Healthcare will eat us alive, just leave it for me I don't give a darn, and neither do you right? If you gave a hoot, you might at least post a few ideas for improving it before it makes a trainwreck eh?