Thursday, September 03, 2009

a new twist on art history

Chesterton spilt a lot of ink discussing art and artists and in that tradition we have moved a lot of pixels on this blog talking about art and artists. Some times we have spoken in praise of art and sometimes we have scratched our heads on why a particular thing was elevated to the category of art. Here is one of the best short summaries of Leonardo Da Vinci I have read in long time. All of which I totally agree with.

If more of art history was written like this maybe it would spark interest in the subject from those who have this view: “Art History is generally the sort of thing that causes me to spontaneously break out in hives and start dry heaving into an airsickness bag with the maximum amount of force that can possibly be mustered by my diaphragm.”

Also here is a most excellent reenactment of a conversation with Pope J. and Michelangelo:



...and untwistin' history

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Not really anything to do with Leonardo Da Vinci or art history, but I'd just like to announce my own Chesterton blog, the Irish Chestertonian. If there are any other Irish Chestertonians who'd like to join me, or if anyone would like to pop in, this is the URL:

Thank you!