Monday, February 22, 2010

good times

Thursday the weather began to soften to the point where school was back in on Friday. On Saturday I had no choice but to proclaim a road trip. We went to go see semi distant family where we would partake in the simple joys of storytelling, snacking and letting the grandchildren, nieces and nephews climb all over me. Before dinner we went as a faction to church to take up a pew and a half. It is sometimes excellent to be patriarch.

I like this church. It is a small neighborhood church that sits about 200 and no matter what mass we have attended it is always standing room only. Each parish manages to bubble up it's dominate talents. This church excels in it's music ministry. It is beautiful to listen to as well as to participate with which the whole congregation does with gusto. From this we moved to great dinner of truly more comfort food.

When we returned from this trip we found that our Girl Scout cookie order had arrived.

Life is good.

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