Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A group of gay-rights activists has set up an online petition to encourage Sesame Street producers to make a social statement on the show. To wit, they want longtime roommates (and long-rumored gay couple) Bert and Ernie to get married. Predictably, supporters and opponents are lining up on either side of the issue, even though Sesame Workshop has stated that neither character is gay.

While the Bert and Ernie petition is interesting, it doesn't seem like a priority in terms of Sesame Street social issues. First things first - let's get Oscar off the streets and Cookie Monster into rehab.


K T Cat said...

I think we need to close down the Count's meth lab, too.

A Secular Franciscan said...

Next thing you know is they'll go after Captain Kangaroo and Mr. Green Jeans. (Throw in Dancing Bear and we start getting into some really interesting speculation!)