Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Another sign the Apocalypse is upon us.

I can sometimes understand the campaing for Responsible Drinking from those who do not understand what drinking is about or from those who don't drink in their own neighborhood,- "...It is quite a mistake to suppose that, when a man desires an alcoholic drink, he necessarily desires alcohol." GKC


This is what Mars is saying and with a straight face no less:

Responsible snacking

To offer consumer more choice we developed Mars RED. Mars RED is a viable great tasting option for consumers looking for a lower fat treat (Mars RED is 50% less fat than the average leading chocolate bar brands).

King Size is made two pieces - one for now and one for later.

We’re developing packaging to encourage chocolate lovers to snack wisely.

This initiative is being strongly opposed by the American Federation of Fourth Graders. “First we get Happy Meals with apple slices and now you’re making our candy smaller?”

Said my daughter, the local AFFG chairperson, “There’s something wrong with you people! There’s something wrong with your whole fascist machine!”

Once again they confuse reasonable with responsible.

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