Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Swag

It's Christmas.

First, Mass. Joy to the World!

But then the carousel of food and gifts - and, of course books.

Among this year's bounty, some Chestertonian delights.

How Far Is It to Bethlehem: The Plays & Poetry of Frances Chesterton - appropriate for Christmas.

Then some works by familiar Chesterton fellow-travelers:

Dale Ahlquist's The Complete Thinker: The Marvelous Mind of G. K. Chesterton.


Nancy Carpentier Brown's A Study Guide for G. K. Chesterton's Saint Francis of Assisi.

Finally, a daughter wandering through a used book store in Boston found a First American Edition of The Wisdom of Father Brown  in excellent condition.


Delightful reading ahead!.  

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