Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Gilbert clerihew blackballing continues?

Another issue of Gilbert arrived.

None of my clerihews got in.


It used to be Gilbert regularly published some of my clerihews.

That stopped five and a half years ago.

I've sent a number in over the last few years, but they seemingly disappeared into a black hole.

I resent some in case they got lost.

Still missing in action.

I've even mentioned this to Dale a couple of times at Chesterton gatherings. He said he has seen some of mine floating about, and expressed surprise and doubt that it has been that long since any got published.

But it has been that long.

I'm not sure why they are not getting in. Some are decent enough, and certainly of comparable quality to some that have gotten in from others.

Maybe they just keep getting bumped as newer writers submit? Maybe they just keep getting misplaced? Maybe my occasional on-line sparring with the editor-in-chief has put me on some kind of blacklist?

So it goes.

As I told Dale, I've given up submitting. Seems to be little point. And writing this will likely not help.

Still, maybe some of the old ones will finally break through.

But as for new ones, I'll keep posting them here. At least then Chesterton and clerihew fans might see them.

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