Monday, August 14, 2006


Gilbert famously said that there really are no uninteresting subjects, but, rather, occasionally a multitude of uninterested people. What's more, because of the wonderfully radial nature of Creation, there is not a thing in existence that can not be related back to Christ in some way, or indeed, to anything else. This simple and useful truth is at the heart of syncretism, of course, which is a sterling example of how one idea exalted beyond all reasonable context is the very essence of heresy.

In any event, this is all just a flowery way of saying that I'm going to be posting things about subjects I personally find interesting, but which are not, necessarily or explicitly, related to the life and times of Gilbert Chesterton or his circle of fellow travellers. In many cases, of course, I'd be surprised if there wasn't such an influence; I just mean that if there is, it isn't explicit. This blog's stated intent is to address the subject of Gilbert and the writers he influenced. If I must strain for a rationalisation for my present course, I could throw myself lightly into that latter category.

Also, the round-ups will certainly continue, but not today, as this is the first time I've used the Internet for more than a few minutes since Wednesday and I still need to get caught up with what's been going on.

Anyway, the first in this ongoing series of things will go up later today. I'm going to bed right now, so I'll probably post it before I go to work. Be sure to check back around 4PM EST.

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