Thursday, August 03, 2006

A nod for a nod

While rambling around on the internet, I stumbled across a site called Catholic Friends of Israel that gave our own blog a nod:

I've found a wonderful blog called Chesterton and Friends. Every Catholic should be familiar with the witty and wonderful writing of G. K. Chesterton, Catholicism's own Samuel Johnson. The blog has a couple of quotes from Chesterton and Belloc, who were so linked in the public mind in early 20th century that someone (I forget who) tagged them "The Chesterbelloc." …

I am returning the favor.

You may not always agree with what is said there (it is a blog!), but I found a number of the pieces thought provoking and I certainly gained some new insights

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Paul Pennyfeather said...

Thank you, Lee.

When you commented on our humble blog I had no idea you had honored us with a posting as well!

I envy you guys; your blogging has a great deal more joy than our blogging does, though we do try to be positive sometimes (how can you be positive about bombs raining down on Israel and Lebanon?).

We are unabashedly pro-Israel, so that may rankle some. But feel free to add your thoughts to the comment section, or tell us we need to lighten up.

And kudos for the wonderful blog