Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Ox Blog

A new blog dedicated to The Dumb Ox, who kinda qualifies as a GKC friend, though there's obviously the problem of about 750 years between them.

Addendum: Alright, alright: Go here.


Jeff Vehige said...

Actually, THURSDAY NIGHT GUMBO isn't dedicated to Thomas Aquinas . . . but my new blog THOMISTIC DISCIPLE (thomisticdisciple.blogspot.com) is.

But thanks for the link to GUMBO. Woodward and I certainly appreciate it!

Nick Milne said...

Now now, we wouldn't be a Chesterton blog if we didn't occasionally make careless and enthusiastic factual errors.

I'm sure he'll fix it. :)

Jeff Vehige said...

You are perfect correct. But I wouldn't have a blog dedicated to the Dumb Ox if didn't go around correcting other's factual errors. ;)