Thursday, February 07, 2008

Birthday of Dickens

Today, Feb 7, is the birthday of Charles Dickens. Without G.K. Chesterton's advocacy of Dickens over 100 years ago very few people would be reading Charles Dickens today. A brief quotation:
Christianity said that any man could be a saint if he chose; democracy, that every man could be a citizen if he chose. The note of the last few decades in art and ethics has been that a man is stamped with an irrevocable psychology and is cramped for perpetuity in the prison of his skull. It was a world that expects everything and everybody. It was a world that encouraged anybody to be anything. And in England and literature its living expression was Dickens.
- G.K. Chesterton in Charles Dickens


Recentl googler's have found their way to two articles from this blog's past, and have left short comments on these posts from 2006: Dawn Eden yesterday found Nick Milne's transcription of Homesick at Home, and "bls" found Lee Strong's post on G.K.C and Fairy Tales.


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