Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Real Iron Chef

I once heard a metaphor for prayer that I think Gilbert would agree with. “There are three types of prayer, microwave, oven baking and crock pot. All prayers need to cook and is only answered when done. Microwave prayers are answered instantly, like “Lord, let there be a parking space in front of the store.” Then there those that need to bake, these take longer like “Lord, let this operation be a success and recovery be complete”. Then there are the crock pot prayers that have to cook a long time, like the one of Monica, Saint Augustine’s momma, did.

“No prayer will be served before its time.”

Three and a half years ago I lost my cushy well paying job through a corporate buy out – oh well.
I spent the first year looking for new work in a similar field to no avail so I took a factory job but kept looking. Every day I said this prayer, “Lord thank you for letting me have this job to help support my family and please Lord, get me OUT-OF-HERE.”

This prayer baked a good long time.

The other day I received notice that I have been hired as an Art Teacher for the Jr. High. Way back when this was my original choice for a career but I went in the business world. So now here I am, a beginning teacher at an age where all other teachers are retiring. What fun!


Trubador said...

Major Congrats, Alan!!!

Nick Milne said...

Excellent! Here's hoping you find every success in this new and more stimulating field. Teach them well, Alan.

A Secular Franciscan said...


I started out as a teacher, wandered around in journailsm for 13 years, then returned to teaching in my mid 40s. I'm glad I did.

Good luck!

E said...

Good luck! Sounds great.

Anonymous said...

You know you were the answer to my prayers...feels great leaving the kids in your hands.
I have no doubt that you will wow them. Secretary Ginny tells me she already thinks you are super.
Have a great year.