Friday, January 09, 2009

Book `em

I laughed.

Everyone at the table looked at me, puzzled.

I told them to just wait a few minutes and they would understand.

The occasion was an exchange of gifts post-Christmas. Daughter and son-in-law had not been with us Christmas Day - they had gone out of state to his grandparents - so we were exchanging gifts a few days later.

I had gotten each of my daughters the same book. Being a fan of Chesterton and a Secular Franciscan, and concerned that all three of my little birds were straying from the Church, I decided to give then a book that was important in my own faith life and discovery of Chesterton - Chesterton's biography of St. Francis. The book seemed particularly appropriate with this daughter, as she was named after Clare of Assisi.

Emerging from the wrapping of the gift Clare had given me was ... you've already guessed I'm sure ... a copy of Chesterton's biography of St. Francis. The exact same edition I'd gotten her.

"I know you like Chesterton and St. Francis," she explained.

So I laughed.

A few moments she unwrapped her gifts and found her copy.

She laughed.

She is my daughter.

I think Chesterton would have appreciated it.

I have now begun rereading it - it has been many years since I had done so. I hope she reads her copy, too.

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Paul Stilwell said...

I'll pray they do.

My parents gave me the book for Christmas seven or eight years ago. I was stirred in my depths by the book.