Tuesday, May 02, 2006

CMQ: A GKC Friend Today

I’ve started reading a new publication, and I’m recommending it to readers: Catholic Men’s Quarterly. I received sample issues in the mail two weeks ago, and I was impressed. Drink, humor, history, travel, theology. Each issue is 44 pages, and subscriptions are only $20 a year.

Readers will find a lot of Chesterton, Belloc, and other writers in that vein. The current issue, for instance, contains a piece about the "new Distributism." There is also a new column that drips with wine-loving Catholicism of GKC and his friends: Rum, Romanism, and Rebellion," which contains this lesser-known anecdote:

The "love of such as Chesterton and Belloc of both smoking and drinking are very well known; it was even said by their contemporaries that the Chesterbelloc had misheard the Creed, and thought it demanded belief in 'One, Holy, Catholic, and Alcoholic Church.'"

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