Friday, May 12, 2006

Friends Needed

Chesterton and Friends is a collaborative blog among Eric Scheske, Nick Milne, and Joe Tremblay. Unfortunately, we lost Smokin' Joe, leaving Eric and Nick to carry the weight. Problem is, Chesterton is heavy. We've been plugging away for the past six weeks by ourselves, but we could use another blogger or two. If you're interested, let us know (email link on right). It's not a heavy-duty arrangement. You can post pretty much anything you want, within reason, whenever you want. We'd typically ask you to be accountable for one day during the week. If you post on other days as well, that's great.

Let us know. GKC blogs come and go quickly. This one has been chugging away for a year now. That's 45 in blog years.

Note: If anyone knows how I can get in touch with Kyro Lantsberger, please let me know. I had his email at one point, but I appear to have lost it.

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