Friday, May 26, 2006

Cornerstone of Secularism

One of the Cornerstones of secularism seems to be the idea that religion is responsible for all of the conflicts in the world. Fanatical adherants to the different belief systems wage holy wars of extermination upon designated infidels.

I have thought a great deal about this and find it disturbing. If one makes such a claim, one should be able to bring up examples as proofs. This is done by brining up Crusades, Jihads, Inquisitions, etc., etc. However, looking more deeply at the issue, these items are false hits and selective information. If one examines history critically we find: The Hundred Years War - Fought by 2 Catholic nations, the numerous internal wars of Islam(Turk vs Arab vs Persian). The conflicts of the 19th century were based on enlightenment nationalism. We also find more blood spilled in less time than anywhere else in history by anti-religious forces in the 20th Century. Carl Sagan, hardly a believer, came up with a "baloney detection kit" for uncovering hucksterism and pseudoscience. Even his methology would invalidate this enshrined dogma of the Enlightement.

I dont have my copy of Orthodoxy handy, but GKC had an excellent line which summarizes a point : It is more likely that religion stopped the first war, rather than causing it. It is far more likely that ancient peoples arrived at peace through the idea of "we must not fight, for we are on holy ground," than through any other means.

I dont mean to make light of war and conflict. But these are parts of fallen human nature, and again it would seem that only the "orthodox" believer has the tools and equipment to fully understand the full truth.

Have a great holiday.

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