Tuesday, October 17, 2006

My President...

Well, you have probably recently heard (whether by email from Dale Ahlquist, by phone call from Peter, on Denny's The Book Den blog, or on the ACS's official blog), that the American Chesterton Society is in need of funds to keep on "keeping on."

I do hope that you will write a nice fat (and valid) check to the ACS. But here is a very little thing that you can also do. It is endorsed neither by Dale Ahlquist, nor by the ACS. I asked permission of no person; viz., you are the first person to find out about this new idea to channel funds to the American Chesterton Society. It is a bumper sticker reminiscent of Clinton-era NRA propaganda... but this is more joyful and universally consumable.

The bumper sticker is made available by me through Cafepress. The cost is $4.99. $2 is the profit on each sticker; all profits will be forwarded to the American Chesterton Society. The recent letter from Dale states a need for $20,000 dollars ... and soon. This Chesterton and Friends blog typically gets around 75 unique visitors daily. What this means to you is that each visitor only needs to buy 134 bumper stickers in order to meet the fund raising goal.

But spread the word and your share of bumper stickers will be lowered!

(If you ask "Who is Dale Ahlquist?" then you can find out here.)

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Nancy C. Brown said...

Excellently cool idea. Thanks.