Saturday, March 24, 2007

Grow up

I have been thinking a lot lately as to what went wrong and when. Just how did this age become know as the Post Christian Society? Some call the Roe decision ground zero - but who built that bomb, who flew the plane and who pulled the bomb bay doors open? It was the baby boomers. That is my generation. Sex drugs and rock and roll, baby. I was lied to and I believed the lie. The reasons are simple. Our parents grew out of a very rough time of the Depression then WW2 and they did not want their kids to suffer in any way. We became the focus of their entire attention we asked for something we got it, we felt bad they held us, and they became the servants we were the masters. The world got turned upside-down. We were placed center stage. The spot light is very warm and everyone is applauding. It is a tough spot to give up so we fight to stay there, fight to stay children and push everything else out from having our own children to God. They wanted the best for us they gave us everything but the lessons on how to be an adult. We remain children whining and spewing forth me first! Me first! Many do not know how to be adults. One of the top reasons I love Chesterton is that he is an adult who talks to us like we are adults.
Barbara Nicolosi, explains the problem very well. Her suggestion for the “cure” is very simple and direct. A perfect sentiment for lent (a season of reconciliation) where she says: “It could be a big moment of grace for the Boomers in the Church to own up, take responsibility and apologize.”
I agree. I apologize.

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Hasn't been updated for a long time, but still good. Has to be read from bottom to top: Boomer Deathwatch.