Saturday, March 31, 2007

Art Bell, Dean Koontz, Mr. T, and GKC

I think that much of the genius of GKC, CS Lewis, and Tolkein consists in their ability to draw in people from many different, seemingly contradictory backgrounds. It has been said before, especially by Dr. Peter Kreeft, that the New Evangelization seems best accomplished through literature and the imagination. The classic themes of Christianity are seen as cliches of an outmoded system when presented academically, but within the context of high fantasy they stir the spirit.

I thought the Dean Koontz/GKC connection earlier in the week was interesting. I have not read much Dean Koonz. I started a book once back in Iraq but didnt get to finish it. Koontz has stuck in my mind for some time since I heard a radio interview with him on Art Bell one night. Although obviously a bit new agey, I was impressed with how Koontz presented himself. Another FYI, Prof. Anthony Rizzi, EWTN personality and Catholic Author, also did an Art Bell interview a couple years ago and left Art truly amazed --- with his discussion of simple, classical metaphysics. For those of you who dont know Art Bell is THE original late night radio host --mostly into hauntings and UFOs.

Art's amazement reminded me of one of my childhood heroes from the 80s, Mr. T. His trademark line, "I pity the fool," is something I am starting to identify with. I think that "Orthodoxy", Classical Philosophy, the Great Books, and all of the things associated are truly the most wonderful inheritance of the human mind. The great thoughts of the great thinkers are exciting, invogorating, and liberating in the best sense of the word. I recently ran into an old college professor of mine, whose curriculum I ended up having to deprogram out of myself, cant say much more about the poor fellow than " I pity the fool" for allowing relativism and the peer pressure of the academic community cloud his search for the good, the true, and the beautiful. I think our language is insufficient when it says I have to put commas between that minor trinity.


Sean P. Dailey said...

Kyro, you got the spelling of Tolkien's name wrong in the very first line of that post.


Billiam said...

I enjoy Kreeft just as much as I enjoy Koontz. I also get a kick out of Bell and Nouri. It passes the time.