Wednesday, August 01, 2007

The summer slow-down

I think we're all in a bit of a rut at the moment. I don't know what it's like for our readers, but the heat hit 35 degrees celsius here today and it's looking to endure in like manner for the near future. It was all I could do just to get home from work.

September will bring greater attentiveness, but for now we'll just have to slog along as best we can.


Dad29 said...

A Chestertonian with EuroWeenie temperature measurement?


Unknown said...

Well, as I live in Canada, I use the temperature measurement system that everyone else around me uses, the better to express myself in a manner they understand.

I also like the elegance of a temperature measuring paradigm in which the freezing point is something obvious.

Anonymous said...

What's a celsius?

And Nick, do you REALLY think our friend GK would've defended the metric system?

I think it would've been quite otherwise.

chestertonian said...

The metric system was developed by French Enlightenment dullards and is tailor-made for athiests: none of the measurements are divisible by three.

In the English system, on the other hand, many of the measurements are divisible by three: the number of feet in a mile, the number of inches in a foot, the difference between the temperatures for boiling and freezing (180). In other words, subtle reminders of the Holy Trinity.

E said...

Yes, my participation has been particularly lax due to vacations and preparation for vacations. The whole blogosphere has been slow. I hope to jump back into the game this coming Tuesday.