Thursday, June 15, 2006


I am very impressed with the response to our life of GKC series. Some very powerful words were written on equally strong themes.

The timing of this was wonderful in that tonight begins the ACS's Chesterton Conference at the University of St. Thomas. Dale Ahlquist has assembled such lumenaries as Fr. Stanley Jaki, Carl Olson, and Joseph Pearce for this event.

I have to leave early tonight, but I plan on updating all of you through here on this first rate event.

As many of you may have noticed, for as much as Chesterton's defenses of traditional Christianity represent the best ink on paper in this area, I have a great affection for Chesterton the mystery writer. For years, I have had Chesterton's Sherlock Holmes - compliation of essays and GKC drawings of stories from Holmsian canon-- on Christmas wish lists, birthday hint lists, father's day options, etc. I guess I have to just go and buy it myself.

Parting on that theme, I leave an imperfect Clerihew,

Poor Kyro,
is out of luck
trying to get the GKC book on Sherlock.
Have a great weekend.

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