Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Since is is kind of a creepy date.........

Its not my normal day to post, but since Eric already had a 06/06/06 incident, I feel like I should come on here and make a fitting contribution. A recent issue of Gilbert! featured an interview with the director of Exorcism of Emily Rose, and I was very impressed with his depth and insight. There was far more to this man than one would expect from a "hollywood figure."

Today marks the release date of the remake of The Omen. Exorcism of Emily Rose seems to have gotten some good feedback in Chestertonian circles, and I think that part of the charism that we hold involves engagement with both the high arts, as well as the popular entertainment which shapes the culture.

I really liked the original Omen movie. Gregory Peck always had a tremendous screen presence. Actors like Peck conveyed an authority and a masculinity that has vanished in contemporary filmmaking. The original Omen had few special effects, which left it with a "realistic" feel to it. The story was character driven, with events unfolding through the revealing of the truth about the nature of Damien, and especially Pecks character going from dissmissive, to doubtful, to belief.

The reviews I have read dont leave me much hope, but I am curious to see how a new generation of producers and filmmakers take this.

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