Monday, January 08, 2007

Good news from California

Check it out, everyone. The St. Anthony of Padua Institute is hosting "An Evening with G.K. Chesterton," replete with good food, good drink, and our own "Mr. Chesterton," Chuck Chalberg.

Friday, February 9th, 2007

Cocktails at 5pm
Dinner - 6pm
Performance - 7:30 pm

St. Margaret Mary's Church
1219 Excelsior Ave
Oakland, CA 94610

For more information, please contact the Institute at our toll free number: (888) 619-7882, or by emailing us at events@StAnthony
This promises to be a first-class event, and if you can make it there it would certainly behoove you to do so. Bringing a heaping load of GKC to Oakland* CA would no doubt do those poor afflicted ladies and gentlemen a world of good. I'd go myself, of course, were it not for this pesky continent that lies between us.

*Attentive reader Doug has kindly pointed out that the event is to be held in Oakland, not Berkeley. The St. Anthony of Padua Institute is itself located in Berkeley, but is not holding the event there.

As an added bonus, the Institute's website directed me to the website of one John Herreid, the man responsible for some of the artwork that occasionally graces the covers of Ignatius Press books, and a Gilbert! alum to boot. His Tolkien:

Be sure to check him out, and maybe send him some business if you're feeling acquisitive.


Anonymous said...

This sounds great, and I may attend, but one minor, minor correction - the event is being held in Oakland, not Berkeley. Although both cities probably need Chesterton, it's for quite different reasons - while Berkeley is a major college town, legendary for liberalism, Oakland is gang-ridden. There were 147 murders last year, and it's been rated as second only to Compton as the most dangerous CA city.

Nick Milne said...

Why, so it is. I'll correct that forthwith.

Thanks for the catch, and sorry to hear that Oakland, too, is an afflicted place.