Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!

We're more or less into the thick of things with 2007, a year ripe with prospective significance. I can't say anything specific of course, as this blog is not in the habit of providing spoilers, but rest assured that something important will likely happen.

I've not been posting here (or anywhere) as the luck of draw saw both of the season's holidays fall on a Monday. I'm only posting now because there's no particular need for reverence attached to the mere transition of numbers, so I don't feel strange doing something so mundane as a blog post on a day where others are celebrating. I do not myself celebrate the new year in any recognizable way beyond enjoying the fact that I'm still not back at school (even if I am beginning to wish I were).

Anyway, I have nothing to say, really. Despairing of never getting The Everlasting Man for birthdays or Christmas, I've decided to just buy the thing myself, as it seems to be presenting everyone else with weird, insoluble problems. In the meantime, however, I have the whole of Dostoevsky to happily work through, so that should be enough.

All shall return to form next week, when school resumes and I return to London. Until then, have a good time with yourselves.

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