Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Still alive

I spent the weekend (and early Monday) in London (Ontario, not the real one) finding an apartment for the coming school year, and as such was not in any real position to blog about anything, much less Chesterton. The rest of Monday was spent in traffic, as the highways were all choked with imbeciles and construction. What should have been a three hour trip ballooned into about seven.

Anyway, I'll be more constant once school starts again and I'm actually on the computer with some regularity. As it is, most of my time is spent reading, writing, watching films, working, etc. I haven't even been reading any Chesterton lately, though not because I don't want to; I've just run out of books of his to read, and don't want to buy any more until after I've gotten my tuition and texts and whatnot sorted out. For the moment I've had to content myself with Flaubert's Salammbo, Lucy Beckett's excellent In the Light of Christ, and the final installment of the Harry Potter saga, about which much could be said.

But not right now, and certainly not without extensive spoilers. I'm tired, and getting more so.

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