Saturday, July 07, 2007

Summer Catch up

I apologize for my lack of appearance here. Last few months have been chaotic professionally and family wise, but it looks like things are under control now.

I have 2 thoughts to share that seem to have come up alot lately.

Conscience: Probably getting back in the news because of the politicians saying they vote their conscience. This term is used so much without any regard to its definition. The formation of true conscience is the art of a lifetime. Conscience is not "how I feel" about something being right or wrong. For heaven's sake, cheat on your spouse 4 times and the 5th wont bother your "pseudo-conscience". Kill 6 people and the 7th wont bother you much either. We now live in an age where any question of fact or definition can be answered in less than a second, except for the meaning of the term in question.

Juvenile Philosophy: My daughter, age 3, loves rats. She was wondering how rats pray. She attempted, "Jesus love rat-god, amen rat angels." Her brother, age 6, said, "No, no. This is how rats pray, 'squeak squeak; squeak-squeak, squeak.'" Folks that is Plato(with some Gnosticism) and Aristotle in a nutshell.

Have a great weekend.

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