Monday, October 29, 2007

New Gilbert is Here

And it's a fine-looking 10th Anniversary edition. Very well done, thick (58 pages) enhanced cover. From the letters to the editor:

Four score and seven cases of beer ago, I served as editor of this esteemed, if occasionally beleaguered, publication. Neither before nor since have I had so much occasion to drink, and I'm told that readers during my short, interim-ish, editorship bolstered the bottom line of many liquor stores during my 14 months at the helm.

The magazine is, based on my distant view through the amber glass, flourishing under my successor's able guidance. This is good news for every person interested in drink, joy, truth, and everything else worthwhile in this vale.

The magazine's ten-year anniversary is now here. I remember learning during my editorship that special interest publications like this one are lucky to last maybe four years. If that's the case, Gilbert is almost 150 in niche-magazine years, which is certainly an apt occasion for offering congratulations.

As long as Gilbert runs, I know there'll be a sliver of sanity in an often-callous world and a slice of silver over an horizon that too frequently grows dark.


Eric Scheske


chestertonian said...

Thank you very much for your kind words, Eric. I see myself not so much an editor as a custodian, trying to maintain the high standards set by my predecessor.

You are right about the tolls taken by this job though. Free occasional liver transplants ought to be part of the recompense for editing Gilbert Mag.

chestertonian said...

that should have been "predecessorS"

damn tyops.

John Heartbreak said...

I recall sitting in a cafe in suburban Chicago with Ron McCloskey and John Peterson planning Gilbert! (as it was then named) and then putting together the first several issues. Hard to believe that it was 10 years ago. Congratulations on your aniversary! Best,

dan krotz