Friday, October 05, 2007

Old and new again.....

I recently had an enlightening conversation with someone who was basically fed up with the politics which seem to pervade everything from sports to church to government. He made a very good observation that we seem to be at the whim of extremists.......only people who have deep convictions, high energy, and the time to devote to causes. These folks seem to be the polar opposites, and any sort of middle, balance, or even maturity doesnt have a chance to come forth because everything is framed from the extremes.

I have to agree to a certain point. I have seen riots for many different causes, but not for moderation. Does not fire people up.

As a Chestertonian, I think GKC comes the closest to making a passionate argument for balance and moderation. His line about his conversion, seeing hope as resting on the edge between presumption and despair sums it up. One of the things that upsets me the most is that the true Christian position, especially the Catholic position on many issues is never clearly defined in debate, or even casual discussion. People throw out an adolescent label and then in a very Freudian way proceed to rise above and demolish an argument for an idea which doesn't exist anywhere except in their own misconceptions. For example, I think even an honest atheist should be intrigued by the ideas of Theology of the Body, that loving a woman with true romantic love and the chaste/celibate life are both water from the same well.

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Stephen said...

A fine post! Just the kind of thing that good blogs are made of. Keep it up!