Thursday, May 29, 2008

Good for GKC

The story is told of GK Chesterton delivering proofs, late, to his editor. The office was deserted, with just one person, from the accounts department, to take delivery of the great man's work. When Chesterton produced from his bag not only his corrected pages but a bottle of port and a glass, the terrified clerk confessed he was teetotal. 'Good heavens,' Chesterton squeaked in dismay. 'Give me back my proofs!'


O RĂ©probo said...
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O RĂ©probo said...

Very Good, indeed. Happy birthday.
I´ve written some words about the day, too; and added a portait of GKC I´m not sure you know:

Thank You for this great Blog where I´ve learnt so much

Anonymous said...

Great story.

I catch myself, at times, not entirely comfortable trusting the judgment of teetotalers. Not people who just don't happen to drink, I'm talking about people rigidly and dogmatically opposed to alcohol in any form. There's a hitch in logic, there, that makes me doubt their capacity to reason soundly.