Monday, July 24, 2006

Brief Round-up

I just got back from my weekend vacation, and things are not good. I got maybe six hours of sleep since Friday, and still have to work a shift at the office this afternoon before I can reasonably go to bed (and, I assure you, I will be doing just that). I'm in something of a hurry, so this round-up is going to be brief, as the title suggests, and possibly not as interesting as I should like it to be.

In breaking and utterly shocking news, a "progressive Catholic" has been given an inch, and, not satisfied even with the foot that would typically follow, is now stolidly working her way up the entire leg. The new Theology Chair of the University of Loyola went on record with some profoundly stultifying remarks, flying in the face of nature, the Church, and common sense. Not even condescending to admit that she is herself a fringe-inhabiting oddity, she went on to affirm her belief that the Church will eventually fall into line with her own way of thinking.

And, actually, that's all I have time for. I'll mention briefly that there's a rumour from the official ACS blog that an annotated edition of The Everlasting Man is in the works. Be sure to head on over there for the discussion.


Alan said...

Give a dissident an inch and they thinks they're a ruler

Anonymous said...

What were they thinking, hiring a person named Jung?! It makes me wonder.