Monday, July 31, 2006

New D.Ahlquist Interview at I.Insight

Carl Olson posted a new interview with Dale Ahlquist (president of the American Chesterton Society): What are some of the common sense lessons we can learn today from G.K. Chesterton?

Ahlquist: Three things come to mind.

First, there is a reason to trust tradition, and be skeptical of new things. The modern world has that one exactly backwards: old is bad; new is good. Newer is even better. "A new philosophy," says Chesterton, "is generally the praise of some old vice." The irony arising from this is that it is now counter-cultural to defend morality and faith and the ancient truths that have been handed down to us by the Church.

Secondly, Chesterton's defense of the family as the center of life and the home as the most important place is a lesson badly needed today. All of our focus is on things outside the home: careers, politics, entertainment, sports. And none of these things are nearly as important as the caring for the souls of our children and the deepening of the sacramental relationship between husbands and wives.

Thirdly, poems should rhyme.
link to the full interview

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Trubador said...

I've got to remember to pick up Dale's latest GKC book (Common Sense 101). But I have to read my copy of GKCs bios on St. Thomas and St. Francis first. Which I can't do as yet because I'm in the middle of both Merton's "No Man Is An Island" and the Compendium of the Catchechism of the Catholic Church.

*sigh* many books... so little time...