Friday, September 22, 2006

Beerbohm Made the Sports Page

Max Beerbohm made the sports page in Louisville, Kentucky:

Maybe you've heard of an old Max Beerbohm story called "The Happy Hypocrite" about a less-than-appealing Southeastern Conference cellar dweller of a man who falls in love with a pious woman and wears the mask of a saint to get her to love him. After they're married, he's confronted to remove the mask, but when he does, his own face has changed to that of a saint.

The Wildcats aren't likely to be sporting the real face of an SEC contender when they roll into the Swamp to face No. 5-ranked Florida tomorrow night. But they are sporting something they haven't had since gas was 95 cents a gallon -- a 1-0 record in SEC play, thanks to a win over Mississippi last Saturday.

1 comment:

Nick Milne said...

It's awesome to see the Incomparable Max getting some props, but that has to be one of the most awkward and bizarre references I've ever seen.