Thursday, September 21, 2006

Sand Writer

As a man who loves Chesterton very much, and reads him every day, I remind myself occasionally not to idolize any writer; but worship only the writer who wrote in the sand, and make the Gospels the writing I read most regularly.

Maybe GKC influenced this thought. Today, the feast of St Matthew, gives us this quotation from Chesterton Day by Day:
THE abyss between Christ and all His modern interpreters is that we have no record that He ever wrote a word, except with His finger in the sand. The whole is the history of one continuous and sublime conversation. It was not for any pompous proclamation, it was not for any elaborate output of printed volumes; it was for a few splendid and idle words that the cross was set up on Calvary and the earth gaped, and the sun was darkened at noonday.

(Chesterton, Twelve Types)

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