Monday, September 18, 2006

Feeling sick

My planned lengthy piece about the usual esoterica will have to wait, for the moment, as unfortunately I simply do not feel up to the task. Be sure to check back in a day or two to see it, as well as all of the other attendent wonders this blog has to offer.

In the meanwhile, here's something you may or may not enjoy. The band is Sigur Ros ("Victory Rose"), a group of Icelandic crooners known for their monstrous weirdness, though do not mistake them for some sort of shock group. It is undeniably weird to produce music of quiety beauty in this day and age, and as weird still to frequently sing in a largely invented language, but we must not hold such things against them.

As much as their music is quite fine, however, their music videos are better. In them we may see the principle of the short film rather than simply a few minutes of angsty wailing or jewel-encrusted black people. I may say more about my own state of being at the time than about the quality of the video itself, but I will say that the film below had a profound effect upon me on first viewing, and continues to thrill me still. It is impossible - at least, for me - to look upon this work and not see something inherently beautiful, and certainly of a sort that would have warmed Gilbert's heart. What follows, then, is the music video for the song "Glossoli," off the recent album Takk. To play, simply click the play button in the middle of the image.

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