Thursday, July 01, 2010

This Looks Like Fun

Uncle Chestnut's Table Gype

In his autobiography G.K.C. mentions "the well-known and widespread national game of Gype".

Specifically, Chesterton mentions, "I myself cut out and coloured pieces of cardboard of mysterious and significant shapes, the instruments of Table Gype; a game for the little ones."

Almost 100 years later, Eternal Revolution has published Table Gype as an abstract strategy game with a random element.

If you have this game I'd love a review.

Maybe a Gype Tournament at the Chesterton Conference. with muffins as a prize for the winners

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Unknown said...

You can find some reviews of it here:

One from a Chestertonian, and one from someone who encountered Chesterton through the game.

I wish I could come to Maryland for the ChesterTEN conference, but at this point it isn't likely I'll make it.